Christmas Gift Donation

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Get into the spirit of giving and help some of our special needs pets this Christmas.

Each card is professionally designed and describes each pets unique journey and how you’ve helped make a difference. 

Our donation gift cards an ideal way to showcase your support & can be:

  • given as a gift donation to any animal loving friend;
  • request to your family & friends to make a donation in your honour;
  • simply a token of thanks from our pets for your support;

Our donation gift cards can be displayed on your Christmas tree or adorned on presents as a unique gift-tag and reminder of the wonderful gift you’ve given to our pets this Christmas.

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We have some very special pets needing your help this Christmas.

Choose from the following special needs pets:

  • Ally who requires entropion surgery
  • Greg who has extensive medical issues and now requires surgery on both knees
  • Ricky, one of our favourites who has been undergoing rehabilitation
  • Choc-Chip who has a very rare polysystemic liver shunt and requires specialised care
  • Akasha the biggest sweetheart who arrived in care with ears so badly infected they where closed shut

With every donation you make, you’ll receive a gorgeous thank-you card with a special note specific to the animal, their journey and how you’ve helped.

Its a wonderful way to gift a donation to a friend, request a donation in lieu of a gift or simply donate to our pets and receive a card as a token of thanks.

Our Christmas gift donation cards can also be hung on your Christmas tree, given as a gift to friends or adorned on a present as a gift-tag being a reminder of the wonderful gift you’ve given and the difference you’ve made this Christmas. 

Our Christmas Gift Donation cards are a great way to showcase your support for our special needs pets this Christmas!



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Akasha, Ally, Greg, Ricky, ChocChip


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